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Show Notes

July 29, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


Julie Mjelve:  Founder, Grieving Together

  • Do we do a good enough job showing our grief in North America? Julie Mjelve of Grieving Together joins with a discussion on ways we can show our grief and why it’s important.


Megan Shaw: EPS Obstacle Course

  • Over the next five year’s Edmonton police will be recruiting between 160-180 new officers.  Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes? Our Megan Shaw shows you what type of challenges you would face.

BT Bachelorette Panel

  • The final rose has been given, the final shots have been fired (Thanks, Nick) and Andi has chosen her man.  Your esteemed panellists talk about what went wrong and what went right on the season finally of the Bachelorette.

Bridgets Guests


Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park

  • Bridget gets on a boat, not one or two – but three times!! Maligne Adventures showcase all the natural beauty and adventure Jasper National Park has to offer.  Located in the Canadian Rockies north of Banff National Park along the Icefields Parkway, Jasper is famous for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife and incredible scenery


July 28, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


Phil Wilson: “Baconhound” blogger

  • Blogger Phil Wilson may just have the best gig in town, taste BURGERS! The writer embarked on his ‘Burger Odyssey’ and has established the top 5 must try burg’s in town!

Twitter: @baconhound

Chef Keith: The Downtown Diner

  • Chef Keith made Phil Wilson’s best burger list and will whip up his famous concoction and give us a sample!

Fit Over Fifty:  Jessica Zapata

  • It’s never too late to get in shape. Jessica from Infinite Fitness joins with two clients sixty plus with some moves you can do anywhere.


The Paint Spot: Kim Fjordbotten

  • Our partner in Art, Kim Fjordbotten joins us in studio with a great art project.


Bridget’s Guests

Jasper Skywalk

  • Bridget hits new heights hitting the Skywalk and taking in what the aerial view of Jasper has to offer us all.


July 25, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


 Prof. Tim Caulfield: Health Myths Debunked

  • Weight loss is never as simple as we think, but there’s good reason why. That reason is you! Dr. Tim Caulfield is here to tell you why everything you think you know about weight loss… is wrong.

Twitter: @CaulfieldTim

BT Food Truck Friday: Knosh Catering

  • Who knew British food could be so delicious and decadent? We welcome Knosh Catering to the program for the latest BT Food Truck Friday. They’ll introduce us to the Double Decker and a Full Monty. A few of their fantastically British options.

Twitter: @knoshcatering

Bridget’s Guests


LIVE at Art Gallery of Alberta

  • Wonder what it’s like to be able to walk into a children’s book? The Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) is excited to announce a new exhibition created by Jason Carter and Bridget Ryan, inspired by their children’s book series Who is Boo. The World of Boo opens in the AGA’s BMO World of Creativity gallery space on July 27, 2014 with a special BMO All Day Sunday.   World of Boo invites families to discover the art of storytelling in its many forms. The exhibition includes creative and interactive elements such as a performance stage, puppets, drawing table, reading nook, and peek-a-boo text-hidden clues about the characters throughout the exhibition-to uncover the many ways that stories can be told and retold to create a world of one’s own. Set in an Alberta landscape, this exhibition immerses audiences right into the story of Boo-a trickster rabbit in search of adventure and new friends-creating an interactive, sensory experience.


July 24, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


Chef: Doreen Prei

  • Doreen is doing a Taste of Edmonton Evening Pop-up tomorrow, called “In the Wild”.  She will give us a sneak peek of what to expect cooking wild halibut and wild flowers.

Leigh Wright:  MoJo Design Inc.

  • A woodworker and like many before me I enjoy the honesty and simplicity of that word. I build solid wood furniture with design aimed at “living with”. I enjoy the relationship wood furniture has with my life. How it sounds when used, the way light plays with its lines and gentle curves, its ability to comfort and bring peace and belonging. I pursue the idea that the objects we use on a quotidian basis should benefit us towards our needs and hold a quiet beauty within our home.


Moyra McAllister & Caitlin Holliday:  Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta

  • A Sherwood Park family’s struggle with anorexia is now the inspiration behind a new support network.  Moyra McAllister, whose daughter Caitlin Holliday struggled with an eating disorder for several years before she began recovering, recently launched the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta.  During that time she spent endless hours online searching for ways to help Holliday.


Bridget’s Guests


The Heritage Museum & The Marine Park

  • Fort McMurray wasn’t always an ‘Oil’ town…in fact – it had a bustling, thriving industry that had nothing to do with oil. Bridget explores the origins of a town in Alberta that recieves global attention.


July 23, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


Sergio Turlione:  Rigoletto’s Cafe

  • He’s a favourite on this show… and he’s coming on to cook up something great. Can’t go wrong today on the program with Surgio Turlione.


Bridget’s Guests


LIVE at Premier’s Pancake Breakfast

  • Premier Hancock’s Pancake Breakfast in Riverbend Square.  It runs from 7 am to 10 am.  Everyone is encouraged to come on down and enjoy a free pancake breakfast.  Generally 900-1000 people usually come out to the breakfast. Busiest time is around 8am to 9am.

July 22, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


BT Mom Panel

  • Jennifer Banks, Ashley Fraser-Sexsmith, and Deepika Mittra sit with Ryan to discuss parenting and all the different approaches and points of view that are in what they all agree is the most important job.

BT Bachelorette Panel

  • With two weeks left to go our panel talk about the Men Tell All episode and predict the winner in the Final Rose Ceremony coming next week.

Bridget’s Guests


LIVE at a  New Sobeys in Newcastle

  • Edmonton, are you ready for a totally new grocery shopping experience? Bridget Ryan will take you to the Brand New Sobeys Newcastle location at 16943 – 127 Street. · This isn’t just a regular Sobeys, it’s the first Sobeys in Edmonton to provide a very new and different shopping experience and a WOW fresh focus on everything! With lots of great food to taste and great savings on products throughout the store, you really have to see it for yourself. 169th Avenue and 127th Street.

July 21, 2014

Ryan’s Guests


Taste of Edmonton: David Omar

  • David Omar gives Ryan a little tongue, making tongue taco’s in the BT studio.  Lunch for breakfast, what could be better?  It’s another great taste sensation that you will be able to experience at Taste of Edmonton.

Alberta Beef
Date: Wednesday, Jul 23 | 6:00PM to 10:00PM
Event Type: Evening Pop-up

Jason Halbauer:  Easy Does It

  • BBQ season is in full swing and a lot of the has to do with hosting, the trick to enjoy yourself as well! Jason discusses the do’s and don’ts of putting on a party.

Bridget’s Guests


LIVE at K-days

  • Each July, tens of thousands of Edmontonians gather to celebrate their city’s largest summer festival – K-Days.  This festival runs from July 18-27, 2014 for your ultimate 10-day fun and entertainment destination.

July 18 – 27

July 18, 2014 LIVE from Taste of Edmonton, 12pm

Ryan and Bridget’s Guests


Scenic Route to Alaska: Performance

  • What a way to start the show than with a high energy indie-folk rock sound from three local musicians. Scenic Route to Alaska have performed at such prestigious festivals as the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Canmore Folk Music Festival, Wild Mountain Music Festival and now they are here as BT’s special musical guest!

Chef Andrew Cowan

  • Bacon is Better!  No one knows this more than Chef Andrew who take us through a few Pork recipes.  A rub, a brine and cooking methods are all important to get the best taste from you’re pork products.  Chef Andrew is also doing a workshop in the Sip & Savour tent on July 21 from 3 pm to 4 pm.


  • Kids say the darndest things, we already know this so when the group from the YMCA Day Camp stops by the Sip & Savour tent today Ryan and Bridget well get their very honest opinions about their Taste of Edmonton experience.

LIVE Streeters

  • You never know where we’ll be or who we’ll talk to here on BT Edmonton, today is no exception.  Ryan and Bridget are going to spontaneously popup and grab you for an interview you talk about your Taste of Edmonton experience.

Bridget’s Guests


Culinary Adventures:

A Taste of the Winery

  • Bridget checks out the Taste of the Winery Culinary Adventure.  She heads out to the Barr Estate Winery to show you what this adventure has to offer. Once there participants will enjoy a tour of the orchard, the winery, the farm and a picnic lunch using Barr Estate lamb!

 A Taste of Jurassic Park

  • Family Friendly! Participants will meet at Taste of Edmonton, board a bus to Jurassic Forest where giant, life-sized,  realistic Dinosaurs live and breathe! Participants will watch dinosaurs in action, dig for ancient remains and camp and picnic in a land populated with plants and animals that ruled the planet 250 million years ago. Lunch by Chef James and Clark Seetoo is included in this day’s adventure using products grown and produced in Sturgeon County. Each participant will receive 10 Taste tickets to enjoy Taste of Edmonton with after the adventure! Limited availability.

 A Taste of the Yellowhead Brewery

  • Participants will enjoy a guided walking tour from Churchill Square to Yellowhead Brewery, where they will be taken on a Brewmaster’s Tour of the brewery, learning and tasting all that Yellowhead has to offer. Nibblies and beer tasting included! Also includes an all-inclusive ticket into Sip ‘n Savour that evening. Limited availability
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